School Book Fair
Onsite. School Bookstore.
The idea behind Personalized Book Fairs has never wavered: a fundraiser that has the words "book fair" in it's title should provide quality children's books. It's a novel idea: Good books can create readers for life.
Online. School Fundraising at your fingertips.
With schools hard-pressed to find the volunteers, the room and the time to hold a traditional school book fair, we set out to engineer a full-sized Personalized Book Fair for the palm of your hand. We present The PBF Online Book Fair.
Online Book Fair
Online School Bookstore
Ongoing. Year-long book purchases.
Our newest fundraising tool, the PBF School Bookstore, couples the "book-of-the-month club" concept with our Online Book Fair program. A year-round, online book store that allows your school to earn real money.
  • SpineBreakers
    These are selections that year in and year out have proven to be the books that kids will open. Some are award-winners, some are not, but if you were to ask us "What do you recommend for this particular age group?", these are the titles that continue to have their spine broken. If the name of the game is to have your child crack open a book and develop a love of reading, we believe this list is a must have resource. Go ahead, make your child a SpineBreaker!
  • How's this Work?
    Peruse the booklists and fill your cart. At check out indicate the school with which you are affiliated. You can have your order delivered to school free of charge, (check the "Pick-up at School" button), or you can pay for direct home delivery. If you purchased a gift card enter it at checkout or we take the following payments.