101 Ways to Bug Your Parents


Steve "Sneeze" Wyatt was born to invent things, and his latest gadget— the Nice Alarm, which wakes you up with a gentle tap on the shoulder—promises to make him rich and famous! All Sneeze needs to do is attend the Invention Convention, and he will be catapulted into stardom. So, when Sneeze’s convention plans are nixed by his parents, who have enrolled him in a creative writing class instead, he is appalled. For his first writing project, Sneeze starts a list of ways to bug his parents. It keeps growing until he hits upon a brilliant plan—a plan that will enable him to attend the convention with or without his parents. . . .

Things to Do to Bug Mom and Dad

9. Don't get up on time.
10. Use all the hot water in the shower.
11. Don't flush.

"Steve!" Mom called from downstairs on Monday morning. "Better get a move on, or you'll miss the bus to summer school!"

"Okay!" I hurried into my clothes. Then I thought, Wait a minute. What is this "Mister Nice Guy" stuff ? It's not like I want to go to summer school....

With a smile I took out The List and wrote next to number twelve:

Miss the bus so they have to drive me.

After that I changed my clothes. Twice.

Said a personal good-bye to each of my fish. Twice.

Then cleaned my room. (Once was enough.)

I met Dad on the stairs, heading down to the kitchen. He was finger-rumpling his wet hair, "Hey, what's with the long shower this morning?" he complained with a shiver. "You didn't leave me any hot water."

"I was dirty," I said.

"Well, next time have a little consideration for other showers in the family. Pneumonia might be Hiccup's idea of a fun way to start the day, but it's not mine." He hurried to pour himself a cup of hot coffee.

I slid into my seat and blew my nose. Loudly.

"Steve, please," Mom said, closing her eyes as if in pain. "That's disgusting. How many times have I asked you not to do that at the table?"

"Seven hundred forty-two," I answered, "and a half."

"Eat," she ordered, sliding a plate and glass in front of me.

I stared at the eggs, bacon, hash browns, toast, and juice. "I'm not hungry."

"But you asked me to fix you a big breakfast!"

"Yeah, well, now I'm not hungry."

Mom made her cow-giving-birth noise. I'd have to add a number thirteen to The List:

Look at my plate, then say I'm not hungry.

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