Additional Programs

Birthday Book Club

One of our founding fathers held stedfast to the belief that there was no better gift to give than a book. So as Principal of a K-5 building, he passed out a book to every student the week of their birthday. He believed it help personalized the scary old Principal. Sure, some of the students never opened the book, but when he gave a book to a grateful reader, one that did not have many books at home, it was like striking gold. What a great way to promote reading and community. You can make sure every child in your school receives at least one book a year by giving them one for their birthday! You never know what small generosity will spark a lifelong reader.

  • Purchase a selection of at least 75 assorted paperbacks specific to your reading levels.
  • Our assortment includes over 25 different titles.
  • 30% off cover price and free delivery.

We have the combination of selections and prices to fit most any budget.

Battle of the Books

Team Book Orders

Purchase 5 copies or more of each title off your "Battle of the Books" list and receive 20% off retail and free shipping. A minimum requirement of six titles, equaling at least 30 books total.

Competition Questions

We have created "Battle of the Books" quiz sheets for numerous novels. Each contains approximately 100 questions that can be used for practice sessions or competitions. $25.00 per quiz sheet/study guide title. Contact us for our current list of "Battle" study guides. This is a Personalized Book Fairs Exclusive.

Author Visits

Looking for an author to come to your school? Every semester we have authors available for free with a supporting minimum book order for signings. Schools holding a PBF onsite book fair get first dibs on author availability. If you need discounted books for pre-sales for your own independent author visit, we can supply those too.

Still Searching for a Title?

Not all of the books we warehouse appear on our site. In addition to the titles we have offline, we have access to over 6000 titles from over 55 publishers. If the book is still in print, chances are we can locate it. Please don't hesitate to contact us for help in your title quest. If you've been searching this hard for a book, it probably needs to be on our Spinebreakers list.