Beasties For My Eyes Only


Secret Diary – Cool Quizzes – Invisible Messaging

Besties For My Eyes Only! features:

An invisible ink pen with UV pen cap light
Perforated notes for invisible messaging
Designer Decoder Rings for you and your friends
Mini envelopes for coded messaging

So secret, so perfect, so you. Could you be an awesome spy? What’s the perfect secret mission for you? Which friends should be in your undercover network? Answer cool questions and take quizzes to reveal the answers. Then put your invisible ink pen to paper and pour your heart out. Only you will know the truth, thanks to a pen light that reveals the invisible ink on the pages. Want to send coded messages to besties? Designer Decoder Rings pop right out of the pages so you can share with friends. Use the rings to write coded messages on the mini envelopes included.

More Information
ISBN 9781892951953
Author Mickey & Cheryl Gill
Number of Pages 96
Reading Level 3.2
Publisher Fine Print
Book Dimensions 7.5 x 5.25 in.
Shipping Weight .45 lbs
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