Beasties Undercover Secret Keeper


Girls can now hide their secrets right in front of everybody’s eyes! Who needs a lock & key?! Besties Undercover Secret Keeper with invisible ink pen is the ultimate diary gamechanger! (Pen includes a UV light that reveals the ink.)

This book features:

  • Fun, daring questions –What would be a cool secret identity for you? Where would you want a secret passageway to lead to? 
  • Personality quizzes – How adventurous are you? What’s your dream dress? Are you a drama queen? 
  • Daily diary-like questions & Journal pages! 
  • Perforated Secret PassNotes for secret-sharing with friends! Girls just write messages, fold them over, and pass them on.
More Information
ISBN 9781892951861
Author Mickey & Cheryl Gill
Number of Pages 96
Reading Level 3.2
Publisher Fine Print
Book Dimensions 8.25 x 6 in.
Shipping Weight .45 lbs
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