Besties Deluxe Decoder


It’s time to get your spy on because you’re an official government agent! Solve mysteries and crack cases Decipher codes and find patterns with messages Take official government agent quizzes Create your own codes to use with friends Features an adjustable, metal DELUXE DECODER Ring for ciphering and deciphering codes Includes a Deluxe Decoder Wheel that’s just like the ring so you can write coded messages to friends Flip to the back of the book to send special Secret Messages

A priceless diamond ring is hidden in an ancient castle. The only clue is an old note that makes no sense. What does the note mean? Is it connected to the ring? An evil group of engineers has created mechanical butterspies to spy on neighborhoods. Use a Secret Decoder Ring to locate the group’s ring leader. A wealthy, young woman is stealing precious valuables for kicks. Is she hiding them in a secret vault? Crack the vault code and find out! Solve these cases and more with Besties DELUXE DECODER!

More Information
ISBN 9781892951908
Author Mickey & Cheryl Gill
Number of Pages 96
Reading Level 3.2
Publisher Fine Print
Book Dimensions 8 x 6 in.
Shipping Weight .45 lbs
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