Danger: Zombies! Lasers! Sharks!


It’s a crazy world out there, and dudes armed with DANGER: Zombies! Lasers! Sharks! are seriously ready to take it on. Guys can detail their zombie apocalypse survival plan, take down enemy drones with laser guns, and go head to head with an international villain's trained sharks. And that’s just Phase 1.

Plan an escape route, locate a much-needed Spectacled Cobra antivenom, and pass off potentially dangerous counter-intelligence. And because so much information is highly sensitive, dudes can use a Special Invisible Ink Pen with UV light cap that reveals the ink. DANGER also includes special notes. Guys can use them to keep secret plans, log dangerous information, or send covert communications to bros. Get Ready to enter the danger zone!

More Information
ISBN 9781892951816
Author Mickey & Cheryl Gill
Number of Pages 96
Reading Level 3.2
Publisher Fine Print
Book Dimensions 8 x 5 in.
Shipping Weight .50 lbs
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