Diary of Dares


Are you ready to explore the legendary life of your dreams?!

In DIARY OF DARES, you will discover all of the exciting places you’d DARE to travel, the fun fashion you’d DARE to wear, and the thrilling hobbies you’d DARE to do!

DARE to create your ultimate BFF, your fantasy restaurant, and your perfect party! Don’t forget to include your friends on the wild ride! Answer crazy and creative DARES like, WOULD YOU RATHER: Eat a peanut butter & jelly cheeseburger OR a pepperoni pizza ice cream sandwich? Have a sleepover in a haunted house OR wear a unicorn horn to a school dance? Fly to the moon OR take a submarine to the deepest part of the ocean? ALL OF THESE DAZZLING DARES ARE INSIDE DIARY OF DARES, AND MUCH MORE, SO DARE TO OPEN THIS BOOK NOW!

More Information
ISBN 9780999803219
Author Kelly Hargrave
Number of Pages 150
Reading Level N/A
Publisher Fine Print
Book Dimensions 8.25 x 6 in.
Shipping Weight 1 lb
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