DUDE Diary


Write stuff, draw random things, destroy if needed.

DUDE Diary has everyday life stuff mixed with outrageous “what if” scenarios and anything-but-ordinary questions.

It’s the ultimate un-diary that boys will want to write in, draw on, and lock up.

The DUDE Diary features a lock and key so access is denied to anyone except you! Secret stuff includes: weird things you’ve seen gaming scores sweaty sports the ultimate candy bar wrapper and loads of other stuff – all from the vault of your awesome brain.

Comes with lock and 2 keys

Printed on acid-free paper

More Information
ISBN 9781892951458
Author Mickey & Cheryl Gill
Number of Pages 96
Reading Level 3.2
Publisher Fine Print
Book Dimensions 8 x 6 in.
Shipping Weight .45 lbs
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