Full Cicada Moon


Half-black, half-Japanese Mimi moves to predominently white Vermont and her peers and teachers only notice her for her different appearance. Mimi struggles enough with seclusion, and stands out even more by entering science competitions and joining Shop Class. The resilience she has in following her dream of becoming an astronaut is the driving force in her ability to combat conformity and accept her individuality. 

It's 1969, and the Apollo 11 mission is getting ready to go to the moon. But for half-black half-Japanese Mimi, moving to a predominantly white Vermont town is enough to make her feel alien. Suddenly, Mimi's appearance is all anyone notices. She struggles to fit in with her classmates, even as she fights for her right to stand out and gender equality by entering science competitions and joining Shop Class instead of Home Ec. And even though teachers and neighbors balk at her mixed-race family and her refusals to conform, Mimi's dreams of becoming an astronaut never fade- no matter how many times she's told no.

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ISBN 9780606397896
Author Marilyn Hilton
Number of Pages 389
Reading Level 4.7
Publisher Penguin Random House
Book Dimensions 7.5 x 5.25 in.
Shipping Weight .50 lbs
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