Year-long Online Bookstore

This really can be done by one person
If the lack of time, space or volunteers are any of the growing problems that have prevented your school from hosting a school book fair--then this is the program for you! This year-round fundraiser makes the quality titles normally found at our school book fair available on your computer, smart phone, or tablet. We have streamlined the book fair process. There is no need for a lot of volunteers, a lot of time, or even the use of a room to hold the event.
Program Timeline
Our Online School Bookstore is a year round fund-raising event. The time needed to run this fund-raiser is the time it takes to send out a flyer and pass out your orders. After initial coordination and preparations with us, the typical timeline consists of a two-week period for card sales, a two-week window for your "Kick-off" dates, and then a monthly pick-up day for orders marked "Pick-up at School".
Increases your audience
Your PBF Online School Bookstore also makes your fund-raiser available to everyone in your schools' entire community. Parents can invite their extended family to shop wherever they may be across the country.
Personalized Selections for you school
In our tradition of "personalizing" our book fairs to each individual school, you can make up to 25 additional book selections to be included on your school's own unique book fair webpage. You can adjust these selections for each semester. We need your additional title information two weeks prior to your Kick-off to create your schools Special Selection webpage in time.
Sell Required Reading Novels
Why not turn your Required Reading for English classes into a fundraiser of it's own. Put your Reading Lists up on your Personalized Special Selections Webpage and pick up fundraising sales on purchases your parents would have to make anyway. Adjust it throughout the year if need be.
Gift Cards
When parents are asked to go home and make their selections on line, and at their leisure, sales plummet. Because of this trend we created our Personalized Book Fairs gift cards. Our gift card program helps both of us generate sales. Since you are adding the sales pressure by selling PBF gift cards upfront we will offer you bigger profits. Your organization sells the PBF Gift Cards which will then be redeemed to purchase books on our site. With card in hand your parents will now make the effort to look online to make their purchases. Our gift cards come in $25 denominations. Your cost is $20 per $25 card, a profit of 25%. Any additional purchases online with the use of a credit card or PayPal will be credited at 10%. Customers will need the gift card number readily available at the time of checkout.
Added safety feature
The added benefit of this gift card program is it can eliminate the need for a credit card transaction when purchasing. This added safety measure can help ease the minds of those who would be reluctant to make purchases on the internet. That said, we are equipped to take credit card purchases online.
Your "Kick-off" orders will be shipped within 7 working days of its' close. On your end you will be asked to distribute those orders that were marked "school pick-up". This will include your students' orders as well as any orders from the community at large that indicated they would be picking them up at school. Customers can always pay for faster direct delivery to their home by selecting "Home delivery" at checkout.
The "Kick-off"
Send home an announcement, post on your school site, do whatever you feel necessary to inform your parents of the upcoming book fair and how to get their gift cards. Open it up with a "Kick-off" of two weeks to get the initial ball rolling. Though this program is year round it needs a big launch to get people on board. Make certain they are aware of the opening "Kick-off" and that the fair is available to them all year. Encourage purchases to be completed by your "Kick-off" specified closing date so that they will receive free shipping to your school. Customers will be able to place orders the remainder of the year but those orders will be subject to the longer delivery times of once a month.
Here's what you'll need to do.
  • Place our logo and link to your book fair on your school's home page
  • Announce the "Kick-off"
  • Open up sales of Personalized Book Fairs Gift Cards
  • Occasionally remind everyone of the Personalized Book Fair
  • Pass out your orders
How does the free-shipping work?
Your "Kick-off" orders will be shipped within 7 working days of its' close. On your end you will be asked to distribute those orders that were marked "school pick-up". This will include your students' orders as well as any orders from the community at large that indicated they would be picking them up at school. orders tagged with "Pick-up at School" will head your way once a month free of charge. Orders will be combined and shipped out every 4 weeks. With this in mind, know that some orders will take approximately 4 weeks to get there while others could take as little as three days, depending on the day the order was placed and the scheduled delivery date for your school. Customers that can't get to your school for pick-up or want to assure a quicker delivery can always pay for delivery to their home by selecting "Home Delivery" at checkout.
Minimum purchase for enrollment to program required
In order to enroll in the program a school must purchase a minimum of 100 Personalized Book Fairs gift cards. Total initial outlay upfront is $2000. Additional cards can be purchased in allotments of 50 cards, $1000 dollars, throughout the year. At first glance this may seem high but the reality is on average you will most likely sell one card per family.
Potential For Additional Profits
At the end of the school year, any additional profits earned will be sent to your non-profit organization in the form of a check. Your school will receive 10% of any additional sales made without the use of our gift cards. If there are any additional orders made or completed by credit card your school receives 10%. Therefore underestimating how many gift cards you will sell can be a little costly. Shipping charges are not included in profit calculation.