Is the lack of time, space or volunteers preventing your school from hosting a book fair? Then this is the program for you!

Personalized Book Fair Online

The quality titles normally available at our Personalized Book Fairs' school events are now available on all your electronic devices. Here's the shorthand. Our Personalized Online Book Fair is a two week time-limited event, dates determined by you. Your school earns 15% of book sales and free shipping to your school within that timeframe. The typical timeline consists of a two-week period for promotion, a two-week window for ordering, and approximately two-weeks for your orders to arrive at your school. Just say the word and we're ready to go, no PBF gift cards, no initial costs to you.

PBF Online Plus Gift Cards

We have learned some pretty important lessons over the years. The biggest of which is, that when the books are not physically in front of your students, sales will go down dramatically. When parents are asked to make their selections out of your watchful eye, sales will plummet. Because of this trend we created our Personalized Book Fairs gift cards. Our Online Gift Card program maintains a little of that sales pressure by selling PBF gift cards upfront to your parents. Your organization sells the cards to your families for redemption on our site. With gift card in hand, your parents will now come at their leisure to your online book fair. The gift cards come in $25 denominations. Your cost is $20 per $25 card resulting in a 25% profit per card sold for your organization. This is a 10% premium over our standard, (see above), online fair. A bonus feature is the creation of a unique web-page for your school containing any additional titles requested by you and/or your staff.

Program Notes & Highlights

Open Always and Everywhere

Taking your book fair to the internet makes your fundraiser available to those who may not have been able to attend. It also opens up your fund-raiser to your schools' entire community. Parents can let their extended family shop whenever or wherever they may be across the country.

Hidden Closing Date

We will keep the book fair open on our end for an additional three days. This "hidden close" will help out those who have a hard time with deadlines and they will still get the free shipping.

Quick Delivery

Orders will arrive approximately two weeks after your hidden closing date. You will be asked to distribute all orders that were marked "school pick-up". This will include your students' orders as well as any orders from the community at large that indicated they would be picking them up at school.

PBF Plus equals potential for Additional Profits

At the end of your fair, any additional profits earned through credit card purchases will be credited to your non-profit organization in the form of a check. Your school will receive 15% of any additional sales, that is, any extra credit card charges made to complete an order. Shipping charges are not included in your profit calculation.

Additional Safety

The added benefit of our gift card program is security. It can eliminate the need for credit card transactions when purchasing. This safety measure can help ease the minds of those who would be reluctant to otherwise make online purchases.


PBF Gift Cards are the encouraged form of payment but credit card purchases online are always accepted.

Minimum Initial PBF Online Plus Gift Card Purchase

In order to enroll in the Gift Card program a school must purchase a minimum of 50 Personalized Book Fairs gift cards at $20 each. Total initial cost is $1000, resulting in a school profit of $250 when sold at $25 each. Additional cards can be purchased in allotments of 25 cards, or $500 dollars.

Max Out Your Gift Card Sales

A good rule of thumb when ordering gift cards is that on average a school sells about one card for every five school families. Getting the amount of cards right is key to maximizing your profits.

PBF Plus "Personalized" Selections

In addition to all our online titles, you can add up to 25 additional book selections to be included on your school's unique book fair page.

Book Fair Chairman Checklist

The following is a quick sequence of events for the life of a Personalized Online Book Fair Chairman. Yea, that's a mouthful.

Place our logo/link on your school's home page

Make it a permanent fixture on you schools home page.

Announce book fair dates

Send home an announcement, post on your school site, do whatever you feel necessary to inform your parents of the upcoming book fair. Make certain they are aware of the opening and closing dates of your fair.

If PBF Plus - start selling gift cards

Purchasers will need the gift card number readily available at the time of checkout.

Remind everyone of the closing date

Announce that purchases completed by your specified closing date will receive free shipping to your school. Anything after that date and they will be subject to home delivery charges.

Pass out your orders

Make arrangements for distributing your orders through the classroom or have an after school pick-up.