Registration Day Sales

Required Reading Lists

Let us make those "Required Reading" novels assigned by your English teachers work for you. Every student has to get them, so why not sell them yourselves. Our "Registration Day Sale" is our quickest and easiest program. It's held on your Orientation Day, Form and Fees Day, or anything like a Registration Day when parents are in signing up for the new school year. Your organization can make some tidy profits while performing a time saving service for your parents. You need only one volunteer and one table to make this work. When parents come with the reading list in hand they will be able to purchase their books right then and there. They'll be gone in an afternoon!

The Important Stuff

Send us your required reading list a month in advance.

Any specific ISBN, or editions as well anticipated class enrollment.

Place our logo/link on the school's home page

List the titles that will be available at your event.

Tell the world!

Send home an announcement, post on your school site, do whatever you feel necessary to inform your parents that your required reading books will be available for purchase at your registration day.

Delivery is free with minimum 150 book order.

Numerous titles can be combined.

Any personal checks are written out to your parent organization.

Non-profit organizations do not need to collect sales tax.

Place any additional back-orders.

Any additional back-orders or returned copies are accepted but will be subject to shipping charges.

Your organization receives a 25% to 30% discount off the retail price.

You can pass the savings along in part or in whole directly to your school families.

Pass out your orders

Set up a table for selling and distributing your orders at the school event.

Some additional benefits to the program.

  • Parents don't have to go out searching for the titles. All of the year's "required books" are here in one place. They can buy one, some, or all.
  • No sales taxes are charged. Even if you decide to charge full cover price, your parents will still save on sales tax!
  • All the students are reading from the same edition.
  • Unsold books can be returned, or placed in your school store waiting for the next lost book to be replaced.

Sell PBF Gift Cards at the same table

If you are also holding our PBF Online Book Fair throughout the year, this same table can sell the gift cards. Two fundraisers being taken care of in only one afternoon and with only one or two people, that's efficiency!

Place our logo/link on the school's home page

Make it a permanent fixture on you schools home page.

Announce book fair dates

Send home an announcement, post on your school site, do whatever you feel necessary to inform your parents of the upcoming book fair. Make certain they are aware of the opening and closing dates of your fair.

Open up sales of Personalized Book Fairs Gift Cards

Purchasers will need the gift card number readily available at the time of checkout.

Remind everyone of the closing date

Announce that purchases completed by your specified closing date will receive free shipping to your school. Anything after that date they will be subject to home delivery charges.

Pass out your orders

Make arrangements for distributing your orders through the classroom or after school pick-up.