Revenge of the Snob Squad

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Assigned to a relay race team with no chance of winning, candy-loving Jenny, physically challenged Prairie, uncoordinated Lydia and unapologetic Max vow revenge against their arch enemies, a clique headed by the principal's spoiled daughter.

When the relay race teams are chosen in gym class, it's clear that one team doesn't have a chance of winning: Jenny is more interested in eating candy than running around a track; Prairie has a bad leg; Lydia is a complete klutz; and Max is, well, Max. But together, they proudly dub themselves the 'Snob Squad' and vow revenge on their arch enemies, the Neon Nikes, headed by the principal's spoiled daughter, Ashley Krupps.

As the Snob Squad members band together to thwart the Neon Nikes, they realize that their greatest weapon might not be as out of reach as they think.

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ISBN 9780316008129
Author Julie Anne Peters
Number of Pages 120
Reading Level 4.2
Publisher Little Brown
Book Dimensions 7.5 x 5.25 in.
Shipping Weight .30 lbs
Special Price $8.99
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