Personalized School Book Fair

Quality Titles Equals Quality Reading

We believe that given the opportunity, parents will buy quality books for their children. We have found that the best way to increase sales at a school book fair is to provide a great selection of bookstore quality titles. The more diverse the titles the better the chance of having something there for everyone. Better than half of your students will not step inside a true book store this year. This may be their only chance to own a book. Why not make it a story good enough to spark the joy of reading. We are bringing a children's bookstore to you, not a rehash of the "book-of-the-month club" flyer. We are independent of all publishing houses. This allows our top criteria for book selections to be the stories and the educational benefits your children deserve. There is no pressure on us to include poor selling in-house titles. We strive to provide the largest array of children's literature available in a school book fair.

Over 500 titles from over 25 publishers will be included in your fair. All selected for your grade levels. And while the OnSite book fair selections are Personalized to your needs, all the titles on our OnLine site are also available.

Your parents are constantly bombarded with fundraisers. Shouldn't your "book fair" truly sell books and not computer games, toys, and things that glitter! Contact us below to schedule your Personalized Book Fair today.

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What's the Personalized difference?

What Does "Personalized" Mean?

Personalized refers to the packing of each individual book fair. Every school receives a unique book fair based on its enrollment, grade levels, and staff input. When you add in seasonal and current releases, no two fairs are alike. A middle school does not need a lot of primary titles nor does a K-3 building need a lot of Young Adult titles. Your school will have a book fair full of titles relevant to your student body. More titles catered to your school equals greater sales. The selections filling our bookcases have been chosen by both our dedicated staff and the hundreds of educators we have been servicing for over 25 years.

2 styles of book fair:
1) Rolling Bookcases

Our bookcases are unique in design. They are made of wood giving your fair the feel of a local children's bookstore. They open up on both sides forming a more stable "T" shape. If scheduled, we will help with the set-up at the time of delivery. That includes suggesting floor plans, putting up floor displays, getting the bookcases placed, etc. In most instances, with a little help, we can have your book fair unloaded and ready to go in about two hours.

2) Table-tops

If you have the volunteers, the time and the space then a table-top book fair is the way to go. These fairs are packed in standard shipping boxes which need to be unloaded on your end. Although Table-top fairs are a little more work on your end, they generally result in about a 15% increase in sales versus the bookcases. Tabletops allow for a clean presentation and a greater initial inventory. By facing everything up, nothing gets lost on the shelves.

That said, we know it can be tough finding the volunteers and time to make this fundraiser work, hence bookcases remain the more popular choice.

The Set-up

Open Bookcases

Titles Galore!

Even with the bookcases, a couple of tables to display everything will be necessary.
Open T-style

"T"-style Bookcases

Here you can see the cart opens up on both sides.
Shared Reading

Good Enough to Share

Book titles too good to keep to yourself.
Spinner Racks

Spinner Racks

Spinner racks and floor displays can make more efficient use of your space.


Becky Quigley Being the librarian for two schools in my district, each made up of different grades, I cannot tell you how great it was to see two almost entirely different book fairs. Grade appropriate books filled the cases for each school book fair. In years past I would hear "We saw those last week". This year I was asked if each school was suppled by a different company. I said "Yes, Personalized Book Fairs!
Itsuko Martinez After having a poor experience working with the "national guys" I decided to say ‘’THANK YOU” for your professional insight. It was actually a fun book discussion deciding what books could work at our book fair. Give and take on book selections made it a wonderful variety of books available at my fair. At your suggestion I found a couple of authors and titles I would never have heard about. Now my students have found them too.
Mark Muszynski Guys, you rock! Made a purchase on your store recently. The order has been shipped and delivered on time. The quality of the book selection is superb! Told all my friends about your excellent service and the variety of choice. I think I’ll be your loyal customer in the future as well. I wish your store many more years of prosperity.
Karen Schultz Ten years in and it feels like I am working with family. When Greg comes in to deliver and set up it's like a friend coming out to help with a project everyone else runs away from. I always look forward to scanning the book shelves for new future favorites. I no longer dread the book fair coming, though I admit I am happier when it is being picked up. Wishing you the best in the future.