The Lost Songs

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Caroline B. Cooney, author of the bestseller The Face on the Milk Carton, delves deep into a Southern community, comprised of various ethnicities and diverse economic backgrounds, to reveal and explore issues that can divide as well as unite people.

In small-town Southern community, 16-year-old Lutie Painter treasures the "Laundry List" of lost songs that were passed down to her by her African-American great-great-grandmother, songs that had been composed by descendants of slaves and transmitted only through singing, and which would transform Lutie's life forever. Lutie has lived in her town her entire life, loving her family. When Doria, a girl from Connecticut, moves to town the only thing she and Lutie have in common is their love for music. When Doria's life—as well as others from the community—intertwine and, in surprising ways, become connected with Lutie's family and ancestors, it is the collective belief in the power of faith, the glory of music, and the bonds of family that offer the potential to close the divide and reunite the community.

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ISBN 9780385739672
Author Caroline B. Cooney
Number of Pages 251
Reading Level 5.0
Publisher Penguin Random House
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