But the more Grace sees of the heartless Master and hateful Missus, the more a rightness voice clamors in her head--asking how come white folks can own other people, sell them on the auction block, and separate families forever. When that voice escapes without warning, it sets off a terrible chain of events that prove Uncle Jim's words true. Suddenly, Grace and her family must flee deep into the woods, where they brave deadly animals, slave patrollers, and the uncertainty of ever finding freedom. With candor and compassion, Ann E. Burg sheds light on a startling chapter of American history--the remarkable story of runaways who sought sanctuary in the Great Dismal Swamp--and creates a powerful testament to the right of every human to be free.

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ISBN 9781338282085
Author Ann E. Burg
Number of Pages 345
Reading Level 4.2
Publisher Scholastic
Book Dimensions 7.5 x 5.25 in.
Shipping Weight .55 lbs
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